Live, Raw & Relentless

by Mercy's Dirge

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Polluted minds, polluted air, Polluted brains, all is a garbage. Remains of posterity, is our legacy. A world of disasters, is humanity fabulous? A moral genocide, killing your mind. Misery of the souls is the dictatorship’s fault, I can see with my eyes, the darkness of others minds. It’s our fault, ‘cause we will die, But others come, and what they’ll find? Mountains of hypocrisy , a total lack of empathy, Perverted thoughts, violence and greed. Why did you died, benefic spirit, and left our world in decay!
The legend says, that in Valahia, On the highest mountain, was living a lost soul, An immortal warrior, his existence is out of time. He was damned forever to kill and to be killed . Millions of battles scattered through time, He’s the God of all warriors, in a fight without end. Seeing our future is for him foreseeing the past! Millions of warriors, from all the Earth Came to confront him, but they are all dead! When they are dying he’s dying too, He feels their pain, he is bleeding too. God sentenced him to eternal life and death . Fight with eternity, fight for the humanity! The passing of time for him is senseless, Death for him is just a bad joke. The spirit of destruction, the instinct to kill Is in everyone of us, it is a part of him. That was the legend of the warrior, The immortal soul of a God of war.
Gods from the Dark, Gods of Metal, I have just a wish, to play Black Metal! I am just a servant, I’ll play until I’ll die, You cannot stop me, my voice is a cry!!! The days of my life / Have always been sad, I never tasted pleasure, I’m dead before birth! Everything I do / Is a mistake! Just playing Black Metal / Isn’t fake! I feel the noise, into my veins, Something evil is happening to my brains! Images from chaos appearing in my mind, Something evil is happening to my brains! A sea of blood, is falling from the skies. I’ll never know until I’ll die, I’ll be just a lost soul or a fucking demon! Haunting my dreams / The fear of torture Drives me insane, but I’m no more afraid! Alone I’m like a stone ‘cause I’m too strong, It’s easier to die than living and fucking suffering!
Don’t look for hell, it’s all around. Your flesh is rotten / Your soul is sin. You piece of meat / Just drink and eat, You dirty scum / You make us puke! Degenerate worm! / You call this life? You’d better die, / No one will cry! Just before you die / You think that you’re divine, But after your flesh rots, / Your soul belongs to Satan, You don’t know, / But you can feel, The presence of Evil, / His legions of steel. They are afraid / Of what they cannot understand. Before or after / You will be dead, You are in hell, / Evil’s never dead!
You will never know, if it is in the name of God or Satan Are you a sinner, / Have you sinned? You raped somebody? Did she liked it? You beat your mother? / And cut her breasts! You drank her blood? Confess: In who’s name have you done all this things? Is Evil driving your instincts? Do you believe in him? Go fuck yourself, / Damned priest! I don’t need you, / And your church! He is the Master, / Of pleasure and sin, He is the Dark one, / Against God’s will! Dark is the Gate, / But there’s light inside, The pain burns like fire, / Evil’s never tired! Evil means fear, / Evil means suffering, He has no mercy, / You are his slave! You can pray, but he won’t leave, He’s not afraid of you, / You piece of meat! Demons are waiting you, between life and death. Fear is the key to insanity, Drives you the way to the darkest place. Revelation of God, is your last opportunity! Save your soul until is not to late! / Renegade Satan don’t be his slave! Else in the name of God, we will rip you / Else in the name of God we will kill you! It doesn’t matter if you confess, / You are doomed forever And your sentence is death! Ashes to ashes / Dust to dust!
Forever waiting, / Forever watching, Waiting for the hour, / When the End will come. The prophecy came through, / The Beast shows his claws, It’s time to fight the wicked, / To turn him back to hell. The fear he spreads around, / The killings, the destruction, He’s the essence of Evil, / Just one man can punish him. Two of the same blood, / The evil and the pure one, Both of them, / Under the same curse. One is villainous, / The other one dreadful, Both of them try, / To enslave each other. Eternal clash, / Steel meets flesh, Bleeding corpses, / Are all around. And in the end, / They meet face to face, One moment eye in eye, / This is the final try, This time the Pure one, / Killed the Bewitched, But time is passing by, / While waiting for another try. Two of the same blood, / The Pure and the Dark one, Both of them, / Under the same curse!
In the name of Evil, / I condemn you to be born, Without a procreation, / Without an earthly creation. Unholy doom creation, / Genocide, hidden faces, Luciferic involvement, / In humanity’s procreation. Obsession of the cruelty, / Obsession of violence, This malevolent thoughts, / Will destroy the earth. This God, of void, / Will be Dominator. Priests from the dark, chain us, Warriors from hell, attack us. Unholy doom creation, / Listen our plagiate cry! Sea of blood, covers us, Warriors from the sky, attack us. In the name of Evil, / I condemn you to be born, Without a procreation, / Without an earthly creation.
Days full of restlessness, / Nights full of shadows, Light for you is unhappiness, Dark brings you nightmares. Everything around you / Seams so unreal, Your mind and soul, / Are trapped in the flesh. Nothing touches you, / Reality is so far, You think you are strong, / But you are rotten inside. No feelings, just fear, / Inside world is a trap, Just nightmares and suffering, / Terrorize your thoughts, Madness in the end, / You are in hell. Afraid to eat, / Afraid to breathe, Evil drives your mind / To self-destruction. Suicide is what you need, / Your minds are lost, You are a ghost /Lost in a senseless existence.
They say we’re doomed / They don’t know what that means. Into the night, / When there’s no light, It’s when we pray, / They think evil is our way, That we are sinners, / And must be punished, They scream: Look out! / Without knowing what the fuck is all about. They are afraid, / Of what they cannot understand, Spreading discord, / They don’t see people dying Of hunger, thirst, disease, / Wars and drugs. Humanity’s moral rules / Are left apart Why don’t you let us live, / The way we like? Let us be wild! We want to taste the life / The way we want. Let us be free! They say we’re doomed / They don’t know what that means.
Spirits of the abyss, here my call / All most powerful one and all Meherath my thoughts do sing / Through the universe they now ring. Take thy enemy, take him smite / Break him, scorn him in the night From the mighty depths of hell / Cast your darkness on his shell . Oh Meherath, oh shining star / Touch him, burn him from afar Revenge now will have its day / For thy enemy starts to fray "With this knot I seal this hex, / You will not sleep, you will not rest, Knots of anger, knots of hate, / Discord brings you to your fate. I tie this second knot, makes two, / Bringing darkness over you Slander, discord, evil too, / Bringing darkness straight to you. With this third knot, I do bind / Weaving chaos in your mind, Hex of anger, hex of hate, / Bring him down, I will not wait !!!" Meherath!!! Bring forth your might / Releasing chaos in the night Torture them until they die / Resist you, they will try.
Imagine there’s a morning / When you wake up dead, All around is the same / But you don’t exist. In nights full of nightmares / The lord of pain and fear Shows you the way / To the eternal purgatory. Screaming shadows from beyond / From future and from past Crawling their chains of steel / Climb to the top of the hill Where the eternal fire / Burns all your desires Punishment for all your sins / Is learning what real pain means. Trying to break the line / And return into the light You forgot that you’re dead / Death fear drives you mad You scream like all around / But your neck gets out no sound! Leashed into the human chain / You have no chance to exit, At last you will obey / And do just God’s way You are a little scum / In this amazing fuckin’ world Where thinking is a plague / And we are slaves of sin.


Live Session recorded 14-19 February 2018


released February 26, 2018

Mercy's Dirge LIVE, Studio Odyssey, Cristi Rangu
Artwork, photo - Mihai Burlacu


all rights reserved



Mercy's Dirge Suceava, Romania

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